[Toxin from popsicles]_ calories _ how many

[Toxin from popsicles]_ calories _ how many

In life, many people especially like popsicles, especially in summer, because the weather is very hot, eating a popsicle at this time will feel particularly refreshing, and there is less milk in the popsicles.It will feel greasy, but some women who lose weight think that the sugar content in the popsicles is too high, which is equivalent to their weight loss, so how much is in the rope popsicles?

Quantum 1 of an ice lolly. According to the product description, the energy of an old ice lolly is 204 kJ per 100 grams, which is 48.

74 kcal; each old ice lolly weighs 85 grams, so the energy of each old ice lolly is 48.

74 * 0.

85 = 41.

43 kcal popsicles, ice cream and ice cream are essential foods for cooling in the summer.

Do not eat more than 2 of these frozen drinks at a time, or you may cause anorexia and damage the tract system.

“90% of popsicles, ice cream and ice cream are water, and the conversion itself is not high, and eating moderate amounts will not make you fat.

Among these three types of products, ice cream has slightly higher levels of protein and milk. Ice cream contains these ingredients on the low side. Popsicles are basically composed of water and a small amount of sugar.

“According to the different tastes of different products, the formula of each product is different, but as long as it belongs to the above three types of products, according to their respective technological requirements, their nutritional ingredients have uniform regulations.

In response to the claim that ice cream is “junk food”, junk food is food that people eat with only disadvantages and no benefits. Aunt, sugar, protein, etc. are the main nutrients necessary for the human body and are generally taken from food.

If these nutrients are sufficient, then ingesting them too much will enter the body and become “junk”.

In foreign countries, due to dietary reasons, many people are over-nourished and must eat low-fat, low-sugar, low-content foods.

At present, this phenomenon has begun to appear in some large and medium cities, but most people need the support of transformation.

Frozen drinks are “junk food”. People don’t know about these products. In fact, 90% of them are water. Unfortunately, their conversion is not high.

They are supplementary foods for relieving heat and cooling. In summer, people are comfortable, and they can also supplement nutrients.

He reminded people that frozen drinks should not be consumed in excess, let alone eat them as meals.

If you consume too much at one time, it will not only hurt the gastrointestinal tract, but also cause anorexia.

If you consume too much for several days in a row, once you disrupt your normal eating habits and affect your digestive function.

Regardless of ice cream, popsicles or ice cream, eat 1-2 sticks at a time.