[Difference between konjac and taro]_Features_Features

[Difference between konjac and taro]_Features_Features

Konjac and taro are different foods, because taro is made from coarse grains, and konjac is a wild-grown plant. Konjac is generally purple. It grows in some dark places, so its replacement isGreat, but its nutritional value is relatively high, so many people still like to eat it, taro is generally used as a staple food, so what is the difference between konjac and taro?

It is two different plants. The general taro is only used for ordinary food, and konjac has many uses besides edible, for example: food adhesives are used in the food industry, and it can also be used for drilling oil and additives in medicineWait.

Of course, the main role of konjac flour is food. Konjac flour contains a lot of high-quality dietary fiber, namely konjac glucomannan.

Konjac glucocane phospholipid, as a functional food, has a certain auxiliary dietetic effect on lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, detoxifying laxatives, and controlling blood sugar.

Because it is easy to produce satiety after eating, plus it can reduce blood lipids and clear bowel movements, konjac flour can also be an ideal food for too many friends. Regular consumption of konjac flour can control weight and slow weight loss.

Konjac and ordinary taro are not a kind of plant. General taro is only used for ordinary consumption. Taro taste is soft, soft and sweet, and its nutritional value is similar to that of potatoes. It also excludes solanin, which is easy to digest without causing poisoning.A good alkaline food.

The whole konjac plant is poisonous and cannot be eaten directly. It needs to be processed before it can be eaten. It is made by grinding a plant called konjac into powder, which can be used for industrial purposes.

Amorphophallus konjac is known as “gut sand”.

Konjac grows under sparse forests. It is a beneficial alkaline food. For people who eat too much animal acidic food, it can be balanced with acid and alkali by eating Konjac.