[Women are lascivious and men are lascivious and half-life]_Men

[Women are lascivious and men are lascivious and half-life]_Men

If we strip off hypocrisy, speak with heart.

Well, I said, lust is human nature.

The world is not only lascivious for men, but also lascivious for women.

It’s just that women’s lusts are different from men’s lusts, each with its own emphasis.

The first is that women are lascivious, but men are lascivious.

They are generally more sensitive to color, shape, and sound than men.

Women love beauty almost from birth.

They knew dressing themselves since they were young.

They spent their childhood in the praise of others.

In their youth, they were even more beautiful and glorious.

They even appeared among them, typical examples of being slim and beautiful at the cost of life.

In life, women who like flowers, music, pets, and fish are generally more than men.

Therefore, the woman’s lust is brought from the bones, and it is out of the heart.

Their appreciation of color is far greater than that of men.

And male lascivious is cultivated after the genius.

From their bones, they prefer war, conquest, chase, guns, sports, running and other physical activities.

Men generally allow sensitivity to color.

They generally don’t like flowers and plants, they don’t like to twiddle, and they don’t like to act in a manner.

Their love of the opposite sex usually begins to germinate in adolescence.

Therefore, men are lascivious and good-looking, developing from the outside to the heart.