[Can pharyngitis drink milk]_Cow’s milk_Can you drink

[Can pharyngitis drink milk]_Cow’s milk_Can you drink

There are many patients with pharyngitis, and many occupations in daily life are high-occurrence occupations, such as teachers and moderators.

Because these two occupations need to speak for a long time, they always use their throat excessively. If they do not pay attention to daily maintenance, they may easily cause pharyngitis. Pharyngitis needs to pay attention to many dietary precautions. If they are not careful, they may easily cause respiratory failureHeavier.

So, can pharyngitis drink milk?

Pharyngitis can drink milk, especially patients with chronic pharyngitis should eat more foods supplemented with collagen and elastin, such as: trotters, hoof tendons, fish, beans, seafood, etc., to ensure the intake of high-quality protein,Such as milk, this is conducive to the repair of the damaged site.

Of course, some friends are not suitable, it depends on the specific situation.

We must pay attention to the following issues when treating laryngitis: 1.

No smoking, alcohol, or spicy.

“Gu’s Medical Case”: “Smoke is the hottest heat, wine is the hot and humid.

All ginger, pepper, garlic, and all spicy hot things can hurt the yin.

” 2.

Pay attention to nutrition.

“Su Wen · Yin Yang Ying Xiang Da Lun”: “Those who are insufficient in spirit should make up for it.

“Su Wen · Five Permanent Political Tales”: “Fruits and vegetables are eaten.

“All are expert nutrition.


Living and working in a fresh air environment.

“Shou Shi Bao Yuan” believes: “The human bedroom is clean.

Pure is affected by Reiki, unclean is affected by Old Qi.

So angry.


The room should be cold and warm.


Pay attention to work and rest.

“Su Wen · Ancient Innocence”: “Without arrogance, you can live with God and live forever.

“Excessive labor will hurt and ill.

“Shangshu · Liuying”: “Playing with funerals, playing with funerals.

“Plaything is a term for excessive ease.

Those who lost their lives will fall apart.


Quit talking.

Words can cause gas loss, which can cause injury.

The above is the author’s information about what milk can be used for pharyngitis.

Sore throat can drink milk, but some friends may not be suitable, pay attention.

The following author will introduce some medicines that can help treat sore throat: Acetylcysteine effervescent tablets: used to treat chronic sore throat, emphysema and other chronic respiratory infections.

Bailing Capsule: Used for cough, asthma, hemoptysis, and back pain caused by deficiency of lung and kidney.

Eucalyptus Lemongrass Enteric Soft Capsules: suitable for acute and chronic pharyngitis, pneumonia, bronchiectasis.