[Mooncake Flavors]_Type_Variety

[Mooncake Flavors]_Type_Variety

On August 15th, eating moon cakes and watching the lanterns were very lively.

There are also thousands of types of moon cakes, sweet and salty, various, and people are dazzled.

However, the most important thing for the Mid-Autumn Festival is not to eat, or to eat moon cakes with your family, talk about happy things, and talk with your parents and talk. This is the most important thing.

下面我就先给大家介绍介绍月饼的种类都有什么:基本款:枣泥,蜜红豆,白豆沙,绿豆沙,乌豆沙,红豆馅,,无油红豆沙,红豆粒馅 ,白莲蓉,凤梨糕,冬瓜酱变化款:抹茶红豆馅,牛奶芝麻馅,豆沙素蛋黄馅,梅子乌梅馅,绿茶豆沙,绿茶瓜子仁豆沙,乌龙茶豆沙,梅子豆沙,山楂话梅豆沙,桂圆豆沙 ,咖喱豆沙,咸味: Marinated Bean Paste, Mushroom Marinated Bean Paste, Vegetarian Marinated Bean Paste, Vegetarian Mushroom Mooncake Health Care New Products: Wolfberry Yam Stuffing and Ice Cream Flavor

Mooncake fillings can be roughly divided into (such as raw bean paste, mung bean paste) raw bean paste made from white beans (with anti-cancer ingredients), trehalose (moisturizing, less sweet taste and anti-aging extension product shelf life), Sorbitol (combined sugars, whose sugar content is only 70% of the proportion of granulated sugar, and converted to zero), high maltose powder (to delay tissue aging and make the bean paste filling more elastic) and so on.

Jelly (such as pineapple pastry cream) is boiled with winter melon or white grapes, and then blended with pineapple flesh, or blended with flavor and color.

Ice cream: Common ice cream Cantonese mooncake fillings include lotus seeds, almonds, marmalade, peach kernels, mung beans, sesame, salted eggs, barbecued pork, roasted goose, mushrooms, iced meat, sugar melon, shrimp, orange cake, citrus peel, lemon leaves, Yao Zhu, etc.

The famous moon cakes are: pure lotus moon cakes of Lianxianglou, moon cakes of Sixi brand Wuren sweet meat of the fun cake family, pure moon cakes of white lotus seed, moon cakes of white lotus seed, moon cakes of egg yolk lotus seed and so on.