[How to choose walnuts]_Walnuts_How to choose_Selection methods

[How to choose walnuts]_Walnuts_How to choose_Selection methods

The nutritional value of walnuts is very good, and it is the best nourishing fruit. Therefore, too many people buy crazy in the autumn walnut market season.

Some families even eat walnuts as snacks throughout the year.

But do you know how to choose delicious and nutritious walnuts?

First, look at the pattern to see the pattern on the walnut skin. If the pattern is relatively large and shallow, it must be a good walnut.

Because this pattern conveys nutrients to walnuts during the growth of walnuts, the more patterns there are, the more nutrients the walnut will absorb.

Second, a lot of walnuts sold on the market smelling of walnuts have been bleached with a bleach solution, which looks good, but hurts consumers.

Because the shell of some walnuts is not completely sealed, soaking for too long can easily cause bleaching powder to enter the interior of the walnut, thereby endangering the health of consumers.

Therefore, it is necessary to smell walnuts. If there is a clear fragrance or no taste, this walnut can be purchased. If there are bleach powder or mildew, sour and other odors, it is best not to buy.

Third, measure the amount of walnuts by hand and measure the amount of walnuts by hand. If the walnuts are relatively heavy, they are probably good walnuts.

Don’t just look at size, think more about the weight of walnuts.

I have seen many large walnuts, but there are blind kernels inside, but too many walnuts with very small heads are full.

Fourth, observe the walnut kernels, pick any walnut, break it open, observe the walnut kernels inside, if the yellow skin outside is beautiful and full, this walnut must be a good walnut.

If walnut kernels are black or brown or have dark spots, it is better to buy less of these walnuts.

Fifth, take out the walnut kernel If it is not easy to take out the walnut kernel, and it is difficult to remove it, it means that this walnut is a pinch walnut, it is recommended to buy less.

6. Peel the yellow skin and peel the yellow skin outside the walnut. Pay attention to your fingers during the peeling process to see if there is yellow skin and finger adhesion, whether there is a layer of transparent thin skin on the yellow skin, and if there is a layer of oil on the fingers.For all of them, this walnut is fresh and good walnut.