[Eight Most Harmful Sexual Habits]

[Eight Most Harmful Sexual Habits]

While enjoying the beauty of sex, some people don’t even notice the damage to their bodies because of bad habits that they haven’t noticed.

The following 8 bad sex habits can give you timely reminders, and they are also the most undesirable sex methods.

Bad habit one: fast sex.

Disadvantages: Quick sex foreplay is often short, and the woman will be caught by surprise and both will be painful.

If you do n’t have the fun you should n’t say, it will damage your lower body. As time goes by, the person who does n’t feel love will appear cold.

Advice: Because lovers are busy, it is normal to release asexuality.

But serving the other side as if it were a task can be counterproductive.

So, if you really do n’t have “sex” interest, you can sleep for a few days.

Just like appetite, when you are hungry, you will naturally want to eat well.