[7th Slimming Soup Recipe]_One Week_How to Make

[7th Slimming Soup Recipe]_One Week_How to Make

Overweight will cause people to feel inferiority, and the most important thing is that their health will be affected, so it is necessary to lose weight and lose weight, but choosing a certain method is what people want to know.

Nowadays, the popular 7th slimming soup has become the focus of attention, but what is the formula of 7th slimming soup?

There are several versions of this formula, mainly low content and low trace.

Seven Day Slimming Soup Formula 2-2.

5 pounds round green peppers 0.

5-1 pounds of spicy or slightly spicy celery 1 pound of genuine tomatoes (tomatoes) 2.

5-3 kg of authentic cabbage (leaf vegetables) 1 kg of flat salt replacement food salt seven-day slimming soup method 1, peel the onion, rinse with water, cut into angles 2, wash the green peppers, and cut into small piecesShape, remove seeds (Note: spicy stems are not removed) 3. Wash celery with water and cut into oblique sections 4. Wash tomatoes with water and cut into small pieces 5. Wash the cabbage and cut into triangular small pieces.How to operate the soup On the first day, eat only fruits other than bananas and slimming soup. On the second day, eat fruits and beans. On the third day, lettuce other than corn is served with slimming soup. On the third day, lettuce and fruits can be eaten except potatoes.Eat bananas (up to three) and skimmed milk with slimming soup for 4 days. Eat 300 to 700 grams of beef with 6 tomatoes on day 5. Drink plenty of water and at least once.On the seventh day of eating potatoes, I added a normal diet and slimming soup. It turned out that the ingredients of the witch slimming soup are all vegetables that produce gas. After eating, the stomach will swell, plus it is high-fiber vegetables, plus a lot of moistureIt ‘s easy to be full, so I wo n’t eat anything else, such asIf you take a closer look at the food that is recommended for daily intake of this recipe, you will find that this is a “reduced staple” recipe, that is, a recipe without starch, and vegetable soup is almost equal to not much, so even if you pair it with fruit orIt’s beef, and the total speed is very low.

Basically this is a good way to lose weight, because it recommends more fruits and vegetables, it is very simple, and there is a small amount of starch in fruits and vegetables, so there is no danger of ketoacidosis like a high protein diet; but because of fruits and vegetablesPotassium is very high and is not recommended for patients with hypertension or kidney disease.