[Is it easy to get pregnant during ovulation]_ Sex Life _ Pregnancy

[Is it easy to get pregnant during ovulation]_ Sex Life _ Pregnancy

In normal women, the ovaries will form a mature egg every month and be discharged. If you have sex during ovulation, the chance of conception is indeed much greater than usual.

However, couples who want a baby can’t be overly anxious. Not every ovulation period will be 100% pregnant, which has to be interfered by many factors.

Let ‘s see what happened?

Will I be pregnant during ovulation? Male sperm replacement in vitro, the average survival time in the female reproductive duct is: vagina 0.


5 hours, the cervix is 48 hours, the uterus is 24 hours, and the fallopian tube is 48 hours; and an egg is excreted from the ovary and survives in the fallopian tube for about 12-16 hours.

The place where sperm and egg meet is in or near the cumulus of the fallopian tube.

Experts recommend that you have sexual intercourse every two days a week before ovulation, so that the transitional sperm reaches the fallopian tube and the egg meets earlier or on time. This type of sexual intercourse has a significantly higher fertility rate than sexual intercourse after ovulation.

In addition, peace of mind is also a key factor in pregnancy.

For example, long-term worry and stress (including work, life and fertility) can affect male sexual function and semen quality, as well as female ovulation and egg function.

Both men and women do not have to pay too much attention to the problem of ovulation, and adjusting the worry and tension can help to successfully conceive.

Some people think that as long as they avoid sex during ovulation, they will not become pregnant. Other ideas are wrong. Women’s ovulation period is for women with regular menstrual cycles. The first day of the next menstrual period decreases.The day of 14 days is the ovulation day, and the first 4 days and the next 5 days of this day are ovulation periods. We usually recommend that couples who want a baby to have sex during ovulation, because it is easier to get pregnant at this time, but notIt means that you cannot be pregnant during the non-ovulation period, but it is less likely to be pregnant, but there is still the possibility of pregnancy.

The reason why you can get pregnant without ovulation is because the ovulation of women is not constant, it is affected by many factors.

For example, some husbands and wives who are separated from each other often get pregnant smoothly even when the husband is not ovulating when the husband returns from another place. This may be due to the stress regulation of the human body caused by hormones.

Although not having sex during ovulation, it is possible to conceive without any contraceptive measures.

Fertility is a complex physiological process that must meet the following conditions: 1. The ovary replaces normal eggs; 2. The semen is normal and contains normal sperm; 3. The eggs and sperm can meet in the fallopian tube and combine to become a fertilized egg; 4.The eggs are successfully delivered into the uterine cavity; 5. The endometrium is fully prepared for implantation of fertilized eggs.

You should go to the hospital to check whether you are pregnant.