[How to make fried eggs with fried shrimp]_ Egg liquid wrap _ How to make

[How to make fried eggs with fried shrimp]_ Egg liquid wrap _ How to make

We all know that the nutritional value of seafood is very high. Some shrimp foods and so on. This food contains a lot of protein and glycine, and the trace content is very low, so everyone can eat it with confidence.It can initially treat the effects of kidney deficiency. Many people like to eat fried eggs and fried shrimp. In fact, they will retain the nutrition of the shrimp no matter how it is done. So how to make fried eggs and fried shrimp?

First, how to make fried eggs with fried shrimp?

Raw shrimp head, peeled shell, and a section at the tail for easy holding and more beautiful?

Cut in the middle, remove the shrimp line, and apply a little salt and black pepper to pickle?

When pickling, take the time to prepare a small bowl of raw flour or flour, a small dish of bread crumbs, an egg into an egg liquid and add some salt to taste?

Then, pick up the shrimp, the order is: egg liquid?

?Raw flour?

?Egg liquid?

?Bread crumbs, to ensure that they are evenly covered?
Then it’s OK to fry the pan?
Remember that the oil temperature must be high enough to get out of the pot?
Wait until it turns golden brown, and top it with the sauce?
The fried prawn snack is simple, crispy and tender on the outside, delicious, and it is loved by big friends and children alike.

When making it, try to choose a slightly larger shrimp, which will be easier to handle, and you can use it with your favorite dipping sauce.

Method: Spare fresh shrimp, eggs and bread crumbs. Wash the shrimp, remove the shrimp head, peel the skin, pick out the shrimp line, then make a few strokes on the belly of the shrimp, and then place the shrimp tail on the chopping board, Squeeze the shrimp’s shrimp body slightly and crush the tendons of the shrimp so that the shrimp will not bend when fried. Put the processed shrimp into the container and sprinkle with salt, white pepper and a small spoon of cooking wine.Marinate, then wrap the marinated shrimps with flour, egg liquid, and bread crumbs, put vegetable oil in the pan, heat the oil, add the shrimps, and finally fry them to golden brown. Remove the pan and serve.Pair it with your favorite dipping sauce.

How to make fried eggs with fried eggs?

The above is introduced, shrimp is rich in protein, but also contains potassium, iodine, phosphorus and other minerals, and I want to supplement various nutrients.

The protein of shrimp is relatively high. I would like to report a data. 100g shrimp contains more protein than milk, eggs contain even higher protein. In addition to supplementing protein with prawns, prawns also contain various nutrients, potassium, Magnesium and so on are worth everyone’s expectations.

Usually eating prawns can also prevent hypertension and myocardial infarction.